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Along the narrow confines of the Vouraikos gorge lies a cross section of modern Greek history. This modern history - Greece's war for Independence, and the occupation by the Nazis is not well known to Americans. Come explore this slice of Greek history.

The Drama
About 500 civilians were massacred at Kalavryta in 1943.

Learn about the W.W.II massacre, what led up to it, and what happened afterward. A series of pages lead you through the tragedy.

The drama of Kalavryta forces us to look at compelling moral questions about human violence and responsibility.

Getting to Kalavryta. About the narrow gage train, Diakofto, and other travel practicalities.
My recounting of this is based on the book by Dimitris Kaldiris, my visit there in 1998, and the kindness of Mr. Haralambous. Please read my acknowledgments. German president visits Kalavryta in April, 2000, to honor those who died.

Mega Spileo Monastery
This dramatically situated cliff-side monastery is the home of a ancient icon.




Agh. Lavias Monastery and the Greek War for Independence

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