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How do we find out what happened? This is not a simple question to answer.

My telling of the drama of Kalavryta draws on four sources:

Dimitris Kaldiris, The Drama of Kalavryta, Athens, 1989 (no publisher given). This is an excerpt of the original Greek book by Kaldiris. This was translated by Mary Jane McNally Crotty. The book states that Kaldiris was born in Kalavryta and in elementarily school at the time of the massacre. He has written several works about WWII in Greece.

Items within quote marks and in blue type are quotations taken from this book.

Mr. Anthony Haralampous. When I arrived at the "place of execution," he and his wife were there. He took me around the site, and took my address, promising to write to me with some books. I didn't expect anything. So I was very surprised when a package arrived with Kaldiris' book and other material.

I told him I intended to develop this web site. I took much too long to do it. But I am pleased to fulfill my promise to him now.


After I put up the first version of these pages, I was contacted by H. Frank Meyer of Germany. He as written on Greece and WWII and is at work on a book on the war in the Peloponnese. He tells me that he has done significant primary research on the event. He provided a number of important corrections. Mr. Meyer vigorously disputes a number of the details given in Kaldiris' book that I have quoted here.

The fourth "source", of course, was simply being at Kalavryta in October of 1998.

I wish I had more. I'm certainly conscious that an event like this, that stirs such passions, should be investigated carefully and many sources compared. Mentions of the massacre of Kalavryta are common, and there is no dispute that it happened. However, more sources are needed. As you read this, please bear in mind that I cannot vouch for the accuracy of each detail and that many aspects of what happened are disputed.

I am always interested in hearing about more sources.

None of the above authors are responsible for the story as I have narrated it here.

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