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The Drama of Kalvryta: Background

Germany occupied Greece during WWII. Troops were based in key locations, such as at Patra. From there, they made occasional forays into the rugged mountains.

The Italians were also in Greece, but after they surrendered to the Allies in September 1943, the Germans extended their occupation.

There were Italian soldiers in the Kalavryta area. After the Italians left the German soldiers warned the villagers not to permit the Greek resistance to operate out of the village.

However, as soon as the Germans left, the Resistance moved in. The people of the village were frightened and pleaded with the partisans not to make Kalavryta a target of the Germans by basing a their headquarters in the village. They promised the resistance that they would offer support to the fighters, just don't locate in the village. The Resistance refused the request.
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