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Aghia Lavra Monastery
A significant site in modern Greek history.

The Greek nation was under the occupation of the Turkish empire for hundreds of years during the late middle ages. (See my summary of Greek history.) The Orthodox church took on a role as a focus of national identity and aspirations. As the 1800's progressed, agitation for freedom grew. In 1821, this desire broke out in various uprisings.

(Aga. Lavia monastery in its setting.)

(Image taken from a postcard.)
At Aghia Lavra, on 21 March of 1821, Germanos, Archbishop of Patras proclaimed a revolt for an independent Greece. In this wonderful old painting (click for enlargement) you can see this event depicted. (Sorry, but I do not have details about the artist.) The monastery is remembered for its role at the beginning of the war for independence.
Today, the monastery offers a small museum and pleasant grounds. It can be reached by road from Kalavryta.

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