Mycenae is a popular day trip destination from Athens. To give some scale to this map it is about 50km (30miles) from Corinth to Argos over a decent, but hilly, secondary road.

Mycenae is not a town, Mykines, a couple of clicks down the road is - see photo and info below.

You can get to Mycenae from Athens by car and by train. You have about a 2km walk from the train station to Mykines. There must be bus connections as well, but I'm not familiar with that.

Nafplio (also spelled Nafpilon) is a good destination or base camp town, approx. 13,000 in population, with an old medieval fort, plenty of hotels and a nice waterfront.

South east of Nafpilo are coastal towns of beaches and nightlife, of which Tolo has attracted some attention.

See the vicinity page for more on the attractions.


While not in an utterly spectacular setting, there is a nice, wide-open view of the olive-groved countryside from inside the ruins.

Click for close up.


Mycenae is not a town, Mykines, a couple of clicks down the road is - and has a few hotels and places to eat. However, Mykines is very small, more or less a one street town.

Note that the RR station is 2km outside Mykines, and in the opposite direction from the ruins.

This photo gives you the feel of the place.

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