There is a lot of history in the area. Corinth has significant ruins from Roman (biblical) times and a nice temple from the archaic period.

This area is the country of Hercules. He dealt with a big lion from Nemea, for example.

Nemea is more famous, however, for the games in classical times, it being one of four ancient sites for games. There is a temple of Nemean Zeus and a stadium.

The Mycenaean culture left many ruins, including those of a fortress at Tiryns. Much smaller sites lie east of Mycenae at Prossimna and Heraion.

Argos was a major classical era city and has an archaeological museum.

To the east is ancient Epidaurus, a town with a classic-era Asclepion (healing center) and a magnificent ancient heater that is still in use.

Nafplio has significant sites from the Venetian period. The Byzantine era was a prosperous one in this region and there are a number of churches of note.

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Mycenaean era bridge - same style of construction, including the 'relieving triangle' design. This is to the east of Mycenae, along the main road.

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