Picking up the trash very early in the morning.
These cars are useful in such a city with narrow roads and tight parking.
Delivering a mattress.
I often wondered how they got furniture up those narrow stairways and tiny elevators.
So many flowers everywhere.
Human scale technology. Just the right size to get around.
Shall we live over a gas station?
Detail of the former.
Solar water heaters are everywhere; so to are antennas.
A parking ticket! I knew someone had to have issued at least one, at some point.
Traffic! But it all seems to work.
There are abandoned buildings right in the heart of what should be high-rent real estate.
"For rent."

Does this look like chaos, or lawlessness? To me it looks like cheerful adaptation.

Doing what you can, making do with what you've got, taking advantage of opportunity. Life in Athens isn't about 1,000 square foot kitchens and 3 car garages. Space is at a premium. To make life work, you've got to adapt.

Posted 1/25/15; original content © 2015 John P. Nordin