This gentleman was playing traditional folk songs in the Plaka. I listened to him for a couple of nights and eventually he invited me to his house for dinner!
A police officer directs traffic in 1986.
Infognomon. A great bookstore for travel guides, located in the Plaka.  They were very friendly.
This woman was the driver of the parked taxi. She stopped off for a bit, parking on the sidewalk, like a proper Athenian.
The grand art of sitting with friends. South and east of the New Acropolis Museum. 2012.
Serious characters. Transplants from Ireland, now building wooden guns to advance the revolution. Claim they sold one to the police already. 2013.
National police and tourist police chat at the foot of the Acropolis. 2009
Members of the national police. 2012
Tourist, probably, or perhaps an Athenian coming home after a trip. Near Monistraki, 2012.
People gather at the New Democracy tent during the run up to the European Parliament elections in June 2009.
A vendor in a kiosk as opened the back door for some air on a warm summer evening. Taken from the same location as the taxi driver shot.

He had just a few words of English, I had fewer of Greek, his wife not a single word in English. Yet, we communicated, connected. You can't plan on this, you can just prepare to respond to it. It is one of the reasons I travel.

When I returned two years later, I couldn't find him. The moment comes, the moment goes.

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