Nafplio, a delightful picturesque city with a charming air, is noted for its medieval Palimadi fortress built when the area was ruled by Venice. It is also can be a great base camp for several sites within day trip distance such as Mycenae and Epidaurus, among others. It's a destination for Greek couples wanting a romantic getaway.

It was the first capital of independent Greece. The first prime minister of the new nation was assassinated here.

The picture above is taken from the Palamidi Fortress and looks northwest showing the Akronafplia Fortress (on the hill, just beyond the road), part of the ocean side walk, the harbor island called the Bourtzi, and the old city itself.

Let me show you around. Let's go visit some interesting places and meet some people you might not notice at first. And then you can check out the links below.
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