Unfortunately, that is true for mental journeys as well, which in the United States seldom travel much beyond the Parthenon and a beach. Yet, it's history is complex, full of irony and artifacts of all of its history are everywhere if you would but look. Of course the beach and the island it is on is beautiful - yet few know that popular islands and crowded beaches are only a small part of its beauty and if you would travel you could see so much more.

It is true that many visit but never really encounter the country and still find it fascinating, as we find any place new to us fascinating. However, the things that make Greece truly fascinating are not well known. How can you see more things? A few suggestions:

Be conscious of the present, not just the past.

Be conscious of the many layers of the past, not just the classical period.

Be conscious of how American foreign policy didn't work to the advantage of Greece (but is moving more in Greece's direction now). Be conscious of how European institutions crushed the county's economy.

Be conscious of the lives and culture of the people, not just the physical beauty of the land.

Get off the beaten path and go where tourists do not.

I hope you will enjoy this site as a way to discover more of what is beautiful and fascinating about Greece.

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