Places Attributes
Let's divide things into three categories: Athens, mainland sights and the island experience.
Athens, focusing on:
  The Acropolis / Agora complex
  The National Archeological Museum
  The Benaki Museum
  The funky charm of the Plaka
On the mainland there are, by common consent, several key sights - you'd want to take in as many of these as you could.
  The Corinth / Mycenae / Epidaurus day trip from Athens. A bit rushed and you'd miss the chance for an overnight at the charming Nafplio.
  Delphi It is possible to do this as a day trip from Athens, but you would be rushed and miss some nice things nearby.
  Olympia is a far trip but is a significant and large site.

Then there is the "island experience." Greece is such a maritime nation and the islands are another world. Consider a ferry to Iydra, or flying to Myconos, Thira or Patmos.

The Light

Either in or out of Athens, you should have the official dining experience: outdoors, with friends, take forever, etc.

The colors and the charm in cyclidic architecture.

The pace of life in a village

Take a ferry.

The physical beauty of the landscape.

All the layers of history, not just the ancients.

And most of all, you must travel as an adventure and without schedule.

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