There is no doubt that the ancient (and modern) Greek cultures restricted the role of women in many ways. However, that doesn't mean there weren't strong women or places where women had some important role. Perhaps you might find a tour focused on such places to be inspiring. Here are some of the highlights.

The Areopagus in Athens was an encampment of the Amazons.

Amazons are depicted in art on the west metops of the Parthenon.

The valley of the Muses is where nine goddesses inspired the arts.

Lesbos. Sappho. Of course.

There is a real place called Themiscyra on the Black Sea where female warriors were said to be from.

Amazon island (now Giresun island) with a black rock sacred to Amazons.

The cult of Artemis at Brauron and its significant annual festival of women.

Delphi, the home of the Pythia, the oracle and a cave where women gathered, as well as depictions of Amazons on the Treasury of Athens.

And lots of fun stories to tell ... more than you might suspect.

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