Trip journals, various philhellenes' efforts and a few special sites.
Greece Is "Travel, Culture, Gastronomy & more" Well produced commercial site with much content for the sophisticated traveler. Also produce a quarterly magazine. (Up 1/15/22)
Harry Grant, a Greek American with over 15 years experience living in Greece has quite a complex of sites the cover a very wide range of tour info. He links to my site, and answers my email, so he is obviously someone you want to take seriously! Greece Travel guide (Up 1/15/22; posted 11/21/04) covers travel info, history, wine, weather, maps, schedules, and the like for the country generally.
Greek Webcams Enough to make you cry you aren't there right now. (Up 1/15/22; posted 9/12/17)
Greek Landscape Photos, including wallpaper, of scenic places in Greece. (Up 1/15/22; posted 8/21/04)
Greece Travel Guide Matt Barrett's amazingly extensive site on all things Greek. Seriously, start here. (Up 1/15/22; posted 1/14/00)
Out on the Salty Seas This poor, suffering fellow, is forced to go sailing in the Greek islands each year with interesting people and take pictures of it. Or at least that is how it started, now it is his business. Frode Fanebust is the fellow from Norway behind this charter yacht company. Pictures, boat books, advice. (Up 1/15/22; posted 1/14/00)
Travels with S/V Thetis "This is a very personal description of the sailing trips with the S/Y Thetis, based on the boat's log" He has ventured to Turkey and west from Greece. (Up 1/15/22; posted 1/24/04)
Greek Traveler Elizabeth Boleman-Herring has PDF guides to several Greek destinations. (Up 1/15/22; posted 8/29/04)
InfoXenios: G.N.T.O. Greek Tourism Information Not only look at this site, but call up one of GNTO's offices and ask them to send you stuff - well, they did that years ago. Site has descriptions of locations and a lot of phone numbers of officials, tourist agencies, etc. (Up 1/15/22; posted 1/14/00)
Greek National Tourism Organization Another Government site. (Up 1/15/22; posted 1/12/03)
COMMERCIAL SITES - hotels, travel agents, travel industry yacht charter, etc.
Island Hopping Sadly this great and authoritative book on Greek ferry travel (I review it here) has died, but has hopes of a web site. (Up 9/12/17; posted 3/13/04)
Dolphin Hellas Hey, they asked me to link to them. Clearly they know who is who in Greek web sites! Bookings for tours, some ferry info and more. (Up 9/12/17, posted 1/17/00)
Rick Steve's Greek site I so admire his approach to travel and his politics. More positive than he used to be. (Up 1/15/22; posted 1/12/03)
The Greek Hotel and Tour Net Offers some basic info on islands in addition to hotel and tour info. Somehow related to the "Panorama" series of advertising supplements for various destinations. (Up 4/21/04, posted 1/19/00)
LINK Lists
Tourism in Greece A comprehensive set of travel-related links including weather and traffic. Also covers news of the tourism sector. Not updated since 2016.(Up 7/28/14; posted 9/14/03)
HRI list of travel related web sites. This is probably your best bet for getting info on the current state of Greek web sites related to travel. (Up 1/15/22, posted 1/14/00)
Web sites that have comprehensive link lists usually have a travel section. I list a few of these sites here.
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