Flying Dolphin ferries
Hellenic Seaways Schedules for this large company with extensive route network. Virtual tours of the boats. (Up 1/22/15; posted 6/27/02)
Samos Hydrofoils Eastern Agean service: Kos, Patmos, Samos, Turkey. (Up 1/22/15; posted 6/27/02)
Ferry links and general ferry information
Paleologos Shipping and Travel Agency maintains a large list of various ferry companies and schedule info. (Up 7/27/14; posted 1/14/00)
GreekFerries Schedules for many lines (Up 7/27/14; posted 1/24/04)
HRI's Maritime links Many links (Up 7/27/14; posted 1/24/04)
Individual ferry lines
Minoan Lines Ferries to Italy and within Greece. Includes route map and prices. Offers interior views of ships including sleeping accomodations. (Up 7/27/14; posted 1/14/00)
Blue Star Ferries Connections to Italy. (Up 7/27/14; posted 6/27/02)
Anek Lines Ferries to the western islands. (Up 7/27/14; posted 6/27/02)
Superfast Ferries Italy and Greece (Up 2/18/12)
Trains and Planes
Athens International Airport Get real time flight info. (Up 7/27/14)
Olympic Airlinesdomestic flight information for trips within Greece. (Up 7/27/14; posted 1/14/00)
Aegean Airlines A low-cost regional carrier. (Up 7/27/14; posted 1/24/04)
Greek railways Snazzy front page; English isn't really working at the moment. News and info on the company as well as a somewhat clunky timetable display in Greek. (Up 7/27/14; posted 1/14/00)
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