This, OK

Notice: no lettuce. No stinking lettuce. And the feta is in a block and is covered in basil. And the whole thing is dripping with olive oil, not vinegar.

Got it?

This one is a bit heavy on the cucumber, but it illustrates the full meal. Very hard bread - that you dip in olive oil and use to mop up your salad. And the sparkling Fanta.

You should have something to read - or someone to chat with. Sadly, the Athens News is no more.

Salad not enough? Have a stunning pizza. Oh, and some Ouzo. And be about 15 feet from the ocean. I'm sure that had no impact on the taste.

Nooo, don't break up the feta. But this was in such a beautiful setting (on Hydra) and there was lovely music playing and I was very hot and tired so no complaints.

Illustrating the large supply of olive oil you will need. There has been some back and forth about the EU being upset at these reusable containers but it's never been a problem from my point of view.

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