The ferry system between the islands and the mainland is quite extensive. Island-hopping or just making a trip on a ferry is something you should do in Greece. (Piraeus, 2009)

I count four boats in this photo. Sometimes there can be a traffic jam at the harbor. First, a look at the types of ferries you'll see.

Here is a traditional ferry. Many like this are working the islands. Typically, there are a couple of passenger decks, with some sort of snack bar. There is unsecured (but pretty safe) storage for luggage upon entering. Cars and trucks are also on board on the lower deck. Later, you'll see how to get on and off this sort of ferry.

I'm afraid to say that this is probably the future: big, high speed hydrofoils. Very slick. It's just that inside, you can't really tell you're on a boat.

Seating is at least 9 or 10 across, so most are sitting far from a window. Entry and exit are via a rather narrow door at the side near the stern, leading to nice jam-ups at each port. These boats are newer, so the seating is certainly better (aircraft type seats with high backs). They are also about twice as fast as the traditional boat.

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