So, why do you travel? What do you go to see and do?

It's a theme of this site that Greece is a fine place to let go of our fears and excessive planning and just go forward.

So, here we are, on a flying dolphin as it drifts into Leros harbor (but it could be almost any place in the country). Where shall I stay, where shall I eat? You know there will be hotels and restaurants, so choosing isn't that big a problem.

Other questions tug at you. What are the interesting buildings over there? What is over the brow of the hill? What will the view look like from on top of that hill to the left? You know it will be great, but you don't know exactly in what way it will be great. Who will I run into and what story will they tell me? Where does this street go? What's inside this church?

As you drift closer to the harbor more detail reveals itself. As you walk through the town still more detail will emerge.

It is warm, the glorious sun is everywhere, the colors are bright. There are paths to walk on, and everywhere the beauty of nature and beauty of objects humans have built and arraigned. There is the sea, fishing boats, little cafes.

And there is the slow rhythm of change as the day progresses from early light to sun to sunset to the velvet night. All these things you can observe for weeks without coming to the end of what can be seen.

If things don't work out, there is another dolphin tomorrow or a car ferry and another island and another adventure.

Nothing is very expensive, you don't have to drive, you can eat outside, there is water and ships, what more could you ask in a place to explore? You can eat healthy and get exercise and have fun every second.

So why are you scared?

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