Pasok and ND are the two main parties and have received the bulk of the votes in elections for at least 20 years. Minor parties evolve rapidly in Greece.
Political parties
PASOK Panhellenic Socialist Movement In power now. Once a leftist party, now more neo-liberal a la Blair and Clinton. Website in Greek. (Up 10/31/10; posted 1/27/02)
ND New Democracy. Main oposition party. More conservative and business oriented, but feeling the same pinch as in UK and USA that traditional conservatives have now to separate themselves from the neo-liberals. Not much English on their web site. (Up 10/31/10; posted 1/29/02)
KKE Communist Part of Greece. Workers still trying to unite. Gets 3-6% of the vote. Has an English version. (Up 10/31/10; posted 1/17/04)
laos L.A.O.S. Popular Orthodox Rally. Right-wing, Christian party founded in 2000. (Up 10/31/10)
syriza Syriza. Coalition of the Radical Left. Group formed of a number of even smaller parties. First had a presence in the 2004 general election. (Up 10/31/10)
  There are a number of other, smaller parties.
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