2012 June: Second round of elections leades to ND led coalition.
May: Election ends inconclusively.
April 4: 77 year old retired pharmacist commits suidide in Syntagma Square.
2011 Nov: Lucas Papademos becomes PM
2010 Sept. 9th: Cabinet shuffle.
May: Greece and IMF reach agreement on loan
Nov Greek bond spreads start to increase dramatically
Oct Pasok returned to power
Sept Elections are announced for Oct. 4.
August Massive forest fires burn in Attica
June New Acropolis museum opens on the 20th.
August Olympic Games end as a logistical success confounding predictions of disaster.
August Rio-Antirio bridge opens, longest cable-stayed bridge in the world at 2.8km.
July July-Aug issue of Odyssey reports studies that show that as Greeks shift off of traditional cuisine to modern foods, that they are becoming less healthy and more subject to heart disease.
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