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Greece Foreign Policy Issues
Relationship to European Integration
  Part of the Euro zone, identifies with the west (or the west with Greece).
  Looks to European integration as a bulwark against Turkish expansionism.
Relationship to the Balkans
  Moderate forces in Greece want the nation to become an economic leader in the Balkans; regressive forces want to fight with Macedonia about ethnic heritage.
  The name of the nation that now calls itself "North Macedonia" is still an issue for many in Greece.
Relationship to Turkey
  Erdogan's pursuit of expansionist policies is an ongoing problem.
  Issues over the status of the Aegean, the continental shelf, free passage, still linger.
  Cyprus is an ongoing flash point.
The Eastern Med and the United States
  Greece is countering Turkey with outreach to Egypt, Israel that has born fruit in agreements.
  The U.S. is finally tilting away from Turkey and relations with the U.S. are as close as they ever have been.
Tourism and terrorism
  Some still link Greece to past carelessness about security.
  In early 2004, the November 17th terror organization was smashed, a real victory in the war on terror.
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