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Kathimerini publishes an 8 page insert for the International Herald Tribune in Greece. (Up 11/23/20, posted 5/27/00)

MacroPolis News and views from Nick Malkoutzis, deputy editor of Kathimerini English Edition. Formerly InsideGreece. Subscription model. (Up 11/23/20, posted 3/11/13)

Greek Reporter(Up 11/23/20, posted 2/19/16)


Phantis News aggragator. (Up 6/13/16; posted 1/18/02)

The New Athenian News. (Up 11/23/20, posted 7/3/18)

Athens News Agency Not to be confused with the newspaper of similar name. (Up 4/16/14, posted 5/27/00)

Hurriyet You've got to understand the opposing perspective, and this Turkish paper has a lot of foreign news coverage. (Up 11/23/20; posted 5/27/00)


If you're in Athens, then Friday used to be a great day, because there used to be two papers that hit the kiosks, giving you good reading for the weekend. Alas, both are gone - and so are other sites

EnetEnglish Greek independent press connected with Eleytherotytia. (Not updated since Nov. 2014; Website up 2/9/15; posted 3/11/13)

Athens News A weekly paper that covers breaking news. A bit wider coverage of hard news than Athens Plus. Website isn't the best, however. Especially recommended. But it went belly-up in late 2012. Just kept here as a memorial. (Up 2/18/12; posted 5/27/00)

Athens Plus A 50-page weekly paper from Kathimerini that covers some breaking news but focuses on cultural stories. A weekly 2-page section on one location, ferry schedules, local transport. TV listings. And the best news? It's online in PDF format. Yea! Especially recommended. But it went belly-up in 2011. Just kept here as a memorial. (Up 10/28/10; posted 6/26/09)

Odyssey Odyssey's print magazine is unique - the only general coverage magazine on Greece in English I know of. And it is great - 80 page, slick paper, high graphic content, smart and sassy. It covers everything, it seems: Greek politics, high end travel, places and issues, interviews and news about significant Greek-Americans. It can be critical when it needs to be. The web site is less impressive, but the magazine is especially recommended. (Is this magazine now defunct? Up 3/11/13; posted 12/21/99)


Webcams in Greece So you can see what you're missing.. (Up 11/23/20, posted 7/3/18)

Greek Left Review Economic analysis. (Up 11/23/20; posted 3/13/13)

GR Reporter Features. (Up 7/3/18; posted 5/10/14)

Hellenic Observatory Study of contemporary Greece and Cyprus. (Up 7/3/18)

X Pat Athens Living in Greece. (Up 7/3/18)

The Pappas PostNews. (Up 7/3/18; posted 2/9/15)

Business File MagazineBusiness news. (Up 7/3/18; posted 2/9/15)

Aristotle, guide in Greece Scholar and registered guide. (Up 2/9/15; posted 4/16/14)

Borderline "Reports from the edge of borderline democracy" by publishers of Unfollow magazine. (Up 2/9/15; posted 3/11/13)

Greek Economists for ReformBlog. (Up 2/19/16)

Public Issue Newsletter on Greek economic issues. (Up 5/10/14, posted 2/20/13)

Greek Infographics In Greek, but the graphics are so interesting, and perhaps easy to translate, that I include it. (Up 2/20/13)

Living in Greece Kat, an American who has been living in Greece for a decade or more. Lots of info and updates. (Up 2/20/13; posted 7/11/09)

Diplomacy Lessons Website of John Brady Kiesling. He was a U.S. foreign service officer who had served in Greece. In 2003 he resigned in protest over the Iraq war. He lives in Greece now. Has written an interesting book, Diplomacy Lessons, about his experiences. (Website is gone; try Facebook; Up 10/28/10)

ELIAMEP Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy Think tank. (Up 10/31/10; posted 18/1/02)

RIEAS Research Institute for European and American Studies. Athens-based, focus on politics and regional security, papers, newsletter. (Up 3/11/13; posted 18/1/02)

The Bridge Quarterly mag on SE Europe. Hasn't been published in a while.. (Up 5/10/14; posted 6/4/10)

Balkan Humans Rights Monitor Human rights focus. (Up 6/13/16, posted 2/28/00)

Philhellenic Perspective OK, it's true that this is MY newsletter, (and very, very, out of date), but check it out anyway. (Up 2/18/12; posted 12/20/99)

Collections of Stories
Latest news from Hellenic Resource Institute. A one-stop collection of news from a number of sources including Balkan countries. (Up 2/19/16, posted 5/27/00)
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