Hellenic Parliament Has photos of the building, a list of MPs, audio of sessions, and other information. Greek and English. (Up 5/10/08; posted 1/19/00)
  Office of the Prime Minister Official site. Mostly in Greek. (Up 5/10/08)
  Ministry of Foreign Affiars Official site. Mostly in Greek. (Up 5/10/08)
Embassy of Greece in the United States Greek foreign policy statements. (Up 5/10/08; posted 1/19/00)
  Embassy of the United States in Greece (Up 5/10/08; posted 1/27/02)
  National Statistical Service of Greece English content is spotty. Basic economic and census data. (Up 5/10/08 posted 6/2/01)
  ITA Government ministries, the constitution, political history, etc. (Up 5/10/08)
  Greek Elections Online - (Up 5/10/08; posted 27/01/02)
  City of Athens Goverment site. (Up 5/10/08; posted 1/27/02)
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