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Foreign Policy Background
These resources provide some analysis of the issues and context that Greece deals with in the conduct of its foreign policy.
[ tangled webs ]

Yiannis P. Roubatis
Tangled Webs: The U.S. in Greece 1947-67
Pella Publishing Co, 1987

A summary of the ways that the U.S. has intervened in Greek affairs, including dictating the choice of leaders.

Laurence Stern
The Wrong Horse: The Politics of Intervention and The Failure of American Diplomacy
Times Books, 1977

Examines U.S. policy to Greece around the Cyprus issue circa the mid 70's.

Graham E. Fuller, Turkey's Strategic Model: Myths and Realities, The Washington Quarterly, Summer 2004, p.51ff.

Christopher T. Lazakis
The Steering of Greece in the last fifty years: From the Epoch of the civil War to the Epoch of Neoliberalism
Ciel Trappe Books, 1996

The author, a member of PASOK, and an unreconstructed socialist of the old school, develops the thesis that for 50 years Greece has never had a foreign policy that served its own interests, still less the interests of its citizens. He has no shortage of evidence. Only when he starts to describe the unearthly glories of the PASOK government of 1981 does he leave evidence behind.

Thanos Veremis
Greece's Balkan Entanglement
Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy, 1995

If Americans know anything about the Balkans, they know its confusing. You have no idea. Veremis traces the history of Greece's entanglement with the rest of the Balkans over the last century. Well documented.

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