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Thira: Getting there, staying there, eating there

Getting there.

You can fly from Athens direct to Thira. There are several flights a day during high season.

Others suggest that arriving by sea is an experience not to be missed because of the approach to the cliff-side main city.

Thira is well-connected by ferry to other islands of the Cyclides. The main route is up the chain from Thira to Ios to Naxos to Paros and on from there.

There are some direct boats to Piraeus and some south to Crete.

Connections East to West are more restricted.

Most ferries do not leave from the little harbor below Fira, but from Athinios, a port farther south. Buses run from the Fira city center to the port.

See my general comments on ferry travel in Greece. Please understand that I cannot make promises about specific ferry schedules.

Staying there. See my page on hotels on Thira and about Greek hotels in general.

Eating there. Dinning on the rim at sundown is an Official Thing To Do. Can be expensive.

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