Harry Grant has a site for Santorini (Up 7/23/14; posted 11/21/04) in general and one for weddings and honeymoons (Up 7/23/14; posted 11/21/04) on the island - it is a popular destination for newlyweds.
Visit Santorini The official visitor and tourist site. (Up 7/23/14; posted 3/11/06)
Trek Earth photos of Santorini. (Up 7/23/14; posted 2/22/07)
The Image Gallery has photos of the island. (Up 7/23/14; posted 6/13/05)
Aeolos Villas Accommodations in various villages; pictures of the area. Their words: "Traditional studios and suites facing a magnificent view of the volcano the sea and the sunset on top of the cliffs of the Caldera of SANTORINI island GREECE." (Up 2/22/07; posted 3/27/04) Reciprocal link up 8/22/04.
Santorini Hotels Self description: "All Santorini Hotels: Homeric Poems, Sunny Villas, Theoxenia Hotel, Veggera Hotel, Alta Mare Studios. Greece". Lists a number of hotels and villas with photos, descriptions and rates. Also has maps of the island. Reciprocal link. (Up 3/19/06; link posted 5/31/05)
Matt Barrett's extensive site. (Up 7/23/14)
Official site Various information including scientific and archeological. (Up 2/22/07; posted 3/11/06)
WebCam of the Caldera. Remember Greece is 2 hours east of GMT. (Up 7/23/14; posted 8/22/04)
Weather report From Weather underground. (Up 7/23/14; posted 6/13/05)
Institute for the Study and Monitoring of the Santorini Volcano Important research goes on about the volcano. Site has photos of explosions. (Up 7/23/14; posted 3/11/06)
Municipality of Thira has what appears to be an official website, but with significant commercial and tourist info. Has sections on churchs, festivals, exhibitions. (Up 5/21/06; posted 6/12/05)
Society for the Promotion of Studies on Prehistoric Thera. Connected with the Akrotiri excavations. (Up 2/22/07)
Airport History, photos. The runway is 7,000 feet long. (Up 7/23/14; posted 6/13/05)
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