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A place to stay
The fancy travel books talk about "reasonably" priced hotels on the edge of the caldera for $250 a night. If you can handle $110 a night, try the Hotel Panorama for the jaw-dropping view. If your too cheap for that, try this....

Back from the edge of the caldera are some more humble hotels. This one was $18 a night for a single in 1998, off-peak. (It might well be double or triple that now).

The room had in-suite bath, two small beds, and was clean and neat. It had plenty of rooms and I did not have a reservation.

The hotel was two blocks from the rim of the crater.

This may give you some impression of what a simple hotel room in Greece is like. Single beds - there were two of them, simple furnishings. Also note the stone floor and the clean nature of everything.

It also had a small private bathroom.


Oh, yea, and instead of the sunsets, like all the tourists, you got sunrise.

This was taken literally sitting on the door step of my room.

The exterior view above shows the West-facing exterior. My room was around the back with the door facing the East.

An early morning flight brings people to the island.

Stay here, save money, and just eat dinner on the edge of the crater.

True, you hear a lot of roosters crowing, but, all in all, this was a nice place to stay.

This particular hotel was the Pensions Spiridoula. The only address I have is Firostefani, Santorinini, with phone of 0286-22875. Family run, the staff did not have a lot of English. It was north of the main square on a secondary street.

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