For two weeks we visited Greece to study the dimensions of the Greek Intellectual Revolution: democracy, rhetoric, drama, and art. We spent time in Athens as well as on the road around the county. We were looking at artifacts and ideas together: texts at sites.

hanks to a positive and serious group of students: Tyler, Mika, Irene, Alana, Madisyn, Janessa, Winnie, Taylor, Melanie, Rachel, Alyssa, Alexandra, David and Katie.

You want to know what this class is like? Follow along below and we'll take you through what we did.

Exploring the Plaka on day one.

At the new Acropolis Museum.
At the Pnyx (ancient assembly grounds).
At one of the subway Museums.
At the Theater of Dionysus.
At Epidarus.
We are (sort of) Sparta.
On the line at Olympia.
Lighting the Olympic torch.
Dinner on Hydra.
Summing up the class at Plato's academy.
Gathering in the Athens hotel lobby.
Our final dinner together.
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