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Final dinner and trip home.

Leaving the hotel on the first day.

A big thanks to Alia, Wade, Brock, Ashley, Kathleen, John, Frank and Taylor making the trip memorable.


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Looking unimpressed at the parliament (first day).



Looking more impressed on the Areopagus.



The group.

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Reader's theater at the Theater of Dionysus.

Discussing Aristophenes' The Clouds at the place it was performed.

t Yin.
t Yang.

Detail of the interior sculpture of the Parthenon.

Our understanding of things changes when we can get this close to something we've only read about.

t Why, it could be Themistocles- holding the sacred bag of Apollo.

Maybe if they'd allowed women to talk, they would have beat the Spartans.

mycene At Mycenae.
t The parliament at night.
t A perfect meal - for me.
t A perfect meal - for you.
t Eleni, our licenced guide, sorts out the archeology for us.
t Christos at the wheel.
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