(This information was for a 3-week winter break trip in 2019-20, ask about current pricing)

The costs of trip include tuition of $4,200 - 4,300 and a separate purchase of a flight, estimated at $1,550-1,600.

Those fees together will cover your flight, lodging in Greece, entrance to sites, all U. tuition and fees, local transport, medical insurance and gratuities. It also includes all breakfasts in the hotels (better than American hotel breakfasts).

What it doesn't cover are your lunches and dinners. (The opening and closing dinners are included in your fee.)

Personal expenses will also be extra.


You enroll for this class in a very different way than for "normal" classes at the U. You apply through the Learning Abroad website and the process is managed there. That is where to go for official, authoritative information on your status. This web page is a supplement to that.

Learning Abroad site

Application information

Here is some information that may not be obvious to you.

Once you start to apply, I will see that and can start emailing you to keep you advised on what you need to do.

Your application goes through a number of separate stages. At some point you will reach "Accepted" status. That does not mean you are done or that you can go. You still will have a checklist of items to do. Once that is completed you reach "Confirmed" status.

Reaching "confirmed" status also means you have a financial commitment to the trip. If you have to cancel prior to the start of class you can incur costs - potentially serious costs if your cancellation is very late. This is necessary because we have to reserve flights and pay deposits to vendors in Greece before we go.

After you complete the steps at Learning Abroad, you will be allowed to register for the special section of Comm 3666. You will receive an email from Learning Abroad with information on how to do this. Remember: this is different than registering for your other classes. Class registration does not occur until close to the time of the course.

We follow the Learning Abroad Center's cancellation policy.

Obligations prior to the class

You have several things you must do prior to our departure.

Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the trip ends. (No visa is needed for U.S. citizens to travel to Greece.)

You will have to attend one pre-class meeting held just before Thanksgiving.

Think about choices for luggage, clothes, electronics. Look at this page for some things to remember.