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Prof. Richard Graff, Department of Writing Studies, University of Minnesota.

Prof. Christopher Johnstone, Communication Arts and Sciences, Penn State U.

Prof. Theofanis Stavrou, Department of History, University of Minnesota and Soteirous Stavrou.

The students on my Greek trips who made much of this travel and photography possible by being willing to travel with me to Greece

Sources, web

DEMOS - Classical Athenian Democracy - Describes itself as a "digital encyclopedia of classical Athenian democracy." Collection of articles. (Up 2/4/10)

Association of Friends of the Acropolis - supports archeology, publishes a series of guides. (Up 1/28/10)


The Athenian Citizen: Democracy in the Athenian Agora
M. Lang
(American School of Classical Studies at Athens, 2004)
One of their small pamphlets with a lot of information and pictures of artifacts from the agora. Available online
Mass and Elite in Democratic Athens
Josiah Ober
(Princeton, 1989)
Careful examination from a rhetorical perspective. Focus on 4th cent. BC.
Athenian Democracy
P. J. Rhodes, ed.
(Oxford, 2004)
Collection of essays by Davis, Hansen, Rhodes, Ober, Sealey and several others. Discusses a number of topics relating to the assembly and law courts.
Ancient Greek Democracy: Readings and Sources
Eric W. Robinson, ed.
(Wiley, 2003)
Collection of primary sources.

Modern sources of note


Hills of Philoppappos - Pnyx - Nymphs:

Brief History and Tour. Series: Archaeological promenades around the Acropolis. (2004, The Association of Friends of the Acropolis)

Detailed description, photos and diagrams of the Pnyx and associated sites. Includes minor sites in this area.
Trials from Classical Athens
Christopher Carey
(Routledge, 1997)
Collection of primary texts of speeches from trials along with brief descriptions of the setting. Great insight into the issues in daily life and to those arguments that they thought would be effective.
The Athenian Ecclesia
Mogens Hansen
(Museum Tusculanum, 1983 and 1989)
Two volume collection of papers written by a leading scholar on issues of the Assembly site and procedures of the Assembly.
The Life and Death of Democracy
John Keane
(Norton, 2009)
An ambitious history of democracy from before Athens through to the future. Has a revisionist view on Athens. Use with caution.
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