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Patmos: Getting there, staying there, eating there

Getting there. You can fly from Athens to Kos, Rhodes or Samos and take a ferry to Patmos. Shuttle ferries run between Samos and Patmos several times a day. In summer there is a daily run up from Kos to Patmos to Samos and (most days) other variable ferry runs as well. From Kos the ferry will (likely) stop at Kalimnos and Leros before Patmos. In the winter, frequency of service will decline.

See my general comments on ferry travel in Greece. Please understand that I cannot make promises about ferries.

Getting back. An overnight ferry goes from Patmos to Piraeus, Athens, allowing you to combine lodging and travel.

Staying there. The towns of Skala and Grikou both have several hotels. I've stayed at, and like very much, the Blue Bay. The Skala gets positive reviews from the guide books. Rooms are available in Skala. In Grikou you can be just about on the beach and removed from the tourists, sort of.

Eating there. It's a town. There are restaurants. Try them out. In Skala try the tavern in the square with the tree. Also try the restaurant towards the east end of the harbor where you can sit in the open on the second floor. Great place to watch the tourist boats leave and gloat. Didn't find a good place in Chora.

See the links page for more hotels, ferries, etc.

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