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Patmos on the Net

Dilos Holiday Worldhas some nice pictures of religious sites on the island. (Up 3/10/18; posted 1/11/02)

Virtual Patmos has several great 360 degree panoramas using QuickTime. (Up 3/10/18, posted 2000)

Patmos Island covers villages, monasteries, beaches, food, travel and more. (Up 3/10/18; posted 9/10/06)

Travel to Patmos has general information and some general pictures of the island. (Up 9/10/06; posted 3/13/04)

Patmos Photos offers general information in addition to photos from around the island. (Up 9/10/06; posted 3/13/04)

Explore Patmos offers general information in addition to climate, events and entertainment. (Up 3/8/08)

InfoXenios has little paragraphs about various places on the island. (Up 9/10/06, posted 2000)


UNESCO's Patmos entry in its list of world cultural sites. (Up 3/10/18, posted 2000)

Sacred Sites including an interior of the Cave of the Revelation. (Up 3/10/18; posted 6/30/02)

Travel Practicalities

For hotels, Matt Barrett's site is always a good choice Dodecanese Islands (Up 3/10/18, posted before 1/11/02)

The Travel Point travel agency is located in Patmos. They also sell real estate. (Up 3/9/08, posted before 1/11/02)

Also look at the Blue Bay page in this site. Dimitiris Grillis of The Skala Hotel can be e-mailed for info about that hotel. (Up 3/13/04, posted before 1/11/02)

Ferry companies that serve Patmos can be found at DANE Sea Lines and at GA Ferries. (Up 3/9/08, posted before 1/11/02)


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