The gray block on top of the hill in the left-middle is the monastery. You'll notice two white blocks down and to the right of the monastery, above the bow of the big ship. The lower and smaller block is the building over the Cave of the Revelation. The other, larger white block is the Patmanian school. The port of Skala is to the right side of the photo. The photo looks south.
Around the Island

Skala is the hub. You might want to rent a scooter and putter around the island. You can see various hermitages such as the one at the Bay of Stavros, the Hermitage of Kouvari.

Around the Monastery of St. John is Chora (or Hora) a quiet city worth a wander in its streets. Some pictures from Chora are in the photo gallery.

The town of Grikou to the SE is a quiet place with some hotels and beaches. Probably your best "get away from it all" bet.

Kampos, north of Skala, is a nice non tourist town in the middle of the island with a beach at Lower Kampos. (There are other beaches that take some getting to, but Patmos is not an island you go to for the beaches).

Want a hike? Climb Mt. Profitis Ilias, all 800 feet of it.

If you head north and then east to Cape Yeranou, you finally get away from everyone and have a feeling for what being exiled must have been like for John.

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