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Patmos - a photo gallery
So much beauty. Click on the photos for a larger image.
Flowers are found in profusion. Note the patterns in the pavement. [ G1030a.jpg 4.8K - view ] A view looking north from near the monastery. Skala is in the left at ringing the harbor and in the distance is Upper Kampos.
[ G1037a.jpg - chapel ] One of many beautiful small chapels - this is located in Chora
This doorknocker was found in Chora, the city up at the top of the main hill.
No trip to Greece is complete without a shot of colorful fishing boats -- its the law. These were docked just to the east of Skala.
OK, maybe you have to be an engineer to like this, but this power meter in Chora was appealing to me.
Fishing boats: another day in the eternal rhythm. Heading out from Skala harbor. gate A simple gate on the path to the monastery.
The cemetery. This is at the north end of Skala. pano Panorama from on top of the monastery.
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