While it is not obvious in this set of images (but is in the gallery pages), Nafplio is a fine getaway weekend or a fine place to hang out for a few days.

It's not a beach or disco town, primarily, but if you are (dare I say it) a tad older, or a tad more serious, you would likely find it very charming here. I utterly love it.

Nice waterfront. Old style streets to wander. Open outdoor places to eat. City square. Hills to climb.

There are the usual mix of hotels. There are the "normal" type such as the Rex. (Up 2/18/18; posted 9/29/13). I stayed in this one in 2009 and it was fine: clean, decent facilities and so on. It is not located in the old town, but several blocks to the east. That's a disadvantage, but on the other hand, you can drive up to the front door. (2009 photo)


Hotel Victoria. (Up 2/18/18; posted 9/29/13)

This is in the heart of old town. Fine view of the forts from your balcony. Walk out the door, turn left and you're on the main street. I've stayed here several times.




Victoria has a rather trendy bathroom design. Wasn't sure I was cool enough to be allowed to use it. (2016 photo)


Hotel Agememnon. (Up 9/29/13) This is right down on the waterfront. Great views of the water from rooms on the left side of this photo. (2013 photo)


In the old town are any number of small hotels, pensions and rooms. This one here I cannot vouch for, didn't go inside or stay at it, it is just a prop for these paragraphs.

In the old town, streets are steep and narrow. Some places you'd need to walk to, and walk up a serious hill. Rumor has it you can hire someone to carry your bags but this is yet another reason to pack light.

These places often have some stunner views looking north over the town and the waterfront in the distance. This photo only suggests it here. They also have very interesting rooms--perfect for that romantic weekend.

So stay in the old town.

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