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The key sites in the area include

Epidaurus Generally regarded as a "not to be missed" site this is the best preserved of the ancient theaters. It is still in use today for plays. Adjacent to the theater is an asklepion or healing center.

Mycenae & Tiryns These ruins of the ancient Mycenae culture are impressive to imagine how they were accomplished.

Corinth contains extensive ruins from the Roman period including the bema mentioned in the New Testament. In classical times the city was a power involved heavily politics with Athens and Sparta. Before that time, in the archaic era a temple was constructed whose ruins still contain some standing columns - impressive in that they were erected as single pieces, unlike the segmented columns of the Classical period.

Argos The oldest continuously inhabited city in Greece.  Argos was often the third power between Athens and Sparta. Roman baths and other ruins are here. A big temple area for Hera is nearby.

Ancient Nemea is not in most guidebooks. Some ruins of a temple of Zeus are there. This is the territory of Hercules and he killed a lion that was bothering people in this city. In historical times the Nemean games were celebrated here every two years.

Spetses was the home of novelist John Fowles. It makes a convenient stop on the way to Hydra. See Spetses Direct for more information.

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