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Cosmos Publishing Co / Greece in Print
Cosmos, a book distributor has a very extensive web site with online ordering. They also publish a monthly literary journal with articles and reviews of books about Greece (which they stock). They stock books on the range of aspects of Greece, both ancient and modern, fiction and nonfiction. They are a source for various travel guides published in Greece, maps, modern literature, etc.
They were a sponsor of the "Greece in Print" show in New York each September.
(Up 10/21/06; posted 1/17/00)

Greece In Print
P.O. Box 2272
River Vale, NJ 07675
Tel: 201-666-7374
Fax: 201-664-3402

Especially recommended.


Ancient World Books

Is a "scholary bookshop dealing in various topics of the ancient and medieval world." Cover Greece as well as Islamic studies, Egypt, Byzantine studies and other topics. Have a email newsletter. (Up 10/21/06)

Caratzas Books: Melissa International Publications, Ltd.
Publish academic books about Greece and all eras and aspects of Greek history as well as Ottoman & Turkish Studies. (Updated 10/21/06; posted 12/9/00)
Aristide D. Caratzas, Publisher
Caratzas/SVS Book Service
575 Scarsdale Road,
Crestwood, NY 10707-1677, USA
800-204-2665 & 914-961-2203
Fax 914-961-5465
Holy Cross Bookstore Associated with the Orthodox seminary, they publish a number of books related to the study of Orthodox religion, icons, and music. A small printed catalog is available. (Up 10/21/06)

Kalamos Books
June Samaras distributes books about Greece, including older and out of print selections. Now she's got it all online, so check her out.. Kalamos also deals in antique maps & prints and vintage postcards of Greece as well as doing searches for titles requested by clients. She also buys books about Greece. Her stock includes fiction about Greece and all historical eras of Greece.

June's interest in Greece is both personal and professional and she is an active member of online discussions on Greece. She was gracious to host me on a visit to Toronto some years ago. And her daughter was nice enough to explain Britteny Spears to me - before she was famous.(Up 10/21/06; posted 1/17/00)

Kalamos Books
2020 Old Station Rd.
Streetsville, Ontario L5M 2V1

E-mail to June Samaras

Especially recommended.

Light and Life Publishing
They are an Orthodox book publisher. They carry an extensive line of books, icons, and other items related to Orthodoxy. (Up 10/21/06; posted 3/8/03)

Light & Life Publishing
4808 Park Glen Rd.
Minneapolis, MN. 55416
Voice: (952) 925-3888
Fax: (952) 925-3918
Toll Free Fax (US & Canada): (888) 925-3918

Papaloizos Publications, Inc. Publish a printed catalog of language books and tapes for learning Greek, as well as some children's books. (Up 10/21/06)
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