Burn, A. R., The Pelican History of Greece: From the Neolithic pioneers to the closing of Athens philosophic schools, (Viking Penguin Books: New York, 1965), reprinted with revisions 1985.

Burns covers roughly the period 3,500 BCE to about 100 BCE with the bulk of the book focusing on about 600-338 BCE. Readily available in inexpensive paperback (400 pages with a few maps and time lines). Wish it was updated more recently.


Woodhouse, C. M., Modern Greece: A short history, (Faber and Faber: London, 1968), 3rd edition, 1984. 5th edition, 1998.

Woodhouse covers the period from 324C.E. down to the recent past. What is one to do with a country whose "modern" history starts 1,700 years ago? The 1984 edition (black cover), with coverage to 1980 is 343 pages in paperback, a few maps. The 2000 edition (photo cover), with coverage to 1990, is 380 pages and a few maps.

Clogg, Richard, A Concise History of Greece, (Cambridge U. Press: Cambridge, 1992), 2nd. ed. 2002

Clogg covers the period of 1770 to 2000 (in the second ed.). 250 pages, a number of black and white photos, a few maps and several tables covering population, political parties, election results. An epilogue gives brief bios of significant figures of independent Greece.

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