Link Collections of Note
Hellenic Resource Institute list of links In categories, thank goodness, as they have a big list. Especially recommended. (Up 12/4/20; posted 1/6/00)
Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Excellent site,with many pages with resources. (Up 12/4/20; posted 7/1/17)
Greek Shops Shopping related links. (Up 12/4/20; posted 7/1/17)
Reciprocal Links
thanks for linking to my site!
Hellenic Resource Institute: Travel (Linked as of 12/4/20; first detected 12/17/00)
Harry Grant travel web site (Linked as of 1/24/04; link established 1/22/04)
Greek Stamp Store (Linked as of 12/4/20; first detected 7/1/17)
Maps and Guides to Greece (Linked as of 1/24/04; first detected 12/17/00)
Travels with S/Y Thetis He calls the Plaka "A personal, and often entertaining view of Greece " (Linked as of 1/30/10; first detected 12/17/00)
Losifina's site (Linked as of 1/24/04; first detected 1/18/02)
Nick Nicholas poetry page links to my Kazantzakis page. (Linked as of 1/24/04; first detected 12/17/00)
Phantis More akin to a search engine with news content but covers many subjects. (Linked as of 3/27/04)
Prof. Thomadakis has a small but high quality list of links and says of my site: "For people who would like to learn more about daily living in Greece, from a non-tourist perspective, I recommend the Philhellenic Perspective and the Plaka sites." (Linked as of 8/22/04; first detected 1/12/04)
Thanassis' webpage (Linked as of 7/1/17; first detected 1/18/02)
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