The highest point on most Greek islands is named after the prophet Elijah. On top of one of the highest points in Hydra there is both a monastery (named Prophet Elijah) and a convent of Ayia Efpraxia.

The climb to the monastery is some 1,500 feet along a (mostly) paved or gravel trail.

From the rear of the main harbor, look for this sign and take the left-hand turn to go up the road.

The trails winds up the valley at a steady pace.

Note the donkey corral in the lower left and the small chapel in the upper right.


 At this junction (approached from the bottom right in the main photo, you'll see this sign, pointing up the next section of the trail.

It may appear that the trail is about to disappear...

... but soon it gets even better.

We can look back on better views now. Note the trail below and at left.

257 steps.

At last the gate.

The entrance to the outer gate. There is an inner courtyard beyond this.

Inside the entrance are refreshments for the traveler and some things to purchase (including olive oil soap).

It is a quiet place.

You can continue and look at the view from up here.

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