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The Blue Guide to Greece (reviewed elsewhere) is useful. The following books I picked up at the monastery itself. None of these are actual scientific or critically historical works.

The Monastery of Hosios Loukas in Boeotia
Hieronymos Liapis, Litera Editions, 2005

Appears to be published by the monastery itself. Author is Metropolite of Thebes and Levadia. History of monastery, many detailed illustrations of the wall paintings and frescos. Has annotated map of which image is where in the two churches.

95p., slick paper, many illustrations.

The Monastery of Hosios Lukas: Brief Illustrate Archaeological Guide
Paul Lazarides, Hannibal Publishing House, 1994

This small format book has a very brief narrative on the monastery and a number of detailed illustrations of the wall paintings and frescos.


64p., slick paper, many illustrations.

Hosios Loukas and his Monastery
Thymios D. Dalkas, Krene Editions, 2003

Appears to be a publication of the monastery. This contains a more detailed and extensive history than the two previous books, and includes a section on the life of Hosios Lukas.


176 p., slick paper, line drawings, some illustrations.

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