First, just note how old this is: ca. 3,200 - 2,000 BCE by most estimates.

Secondly, many sites and guide books do not really call your attention to this as a separate development - sometimes they can almost imply that is it part of Minoan or Mycenaean culture.

This culture left behind painted ceramics, and other artifacts. The most remarkable, or at least to modern eyes, are the statues. . The statues are angular, very stylized and often compared to Cubist works of the 20th century. They are often found in graves. Their exact cultural significance is uncertain. Apparently they were as colorfully painted as classical temples were.

Goulandris Foundation Museum of Cycladic Art East of the Plaka in Athens.(Up 7/20/14; posted 8/28/04)

Museum of Antiquities at the U. of Saskatchewan. (Up 7/20/12; posted 8/28/04)


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