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The Parthenon
The plays of Sophocles,

Books about the Classical era.
Their democracy
Did Greeks really invent democracy? Didn't they have slaves?
The Parthenon
Words about the "Greek Miracle."

For a good source of information on this period, check out Perseus

Accession of Alexander
Alexander became King in Macadonia upon the murder of his father and began the conquests that defined the beginning of the Hellenistic era.
359 - 336 Macedonia rising Under Philip, a power arises to the north that threatens the weak Athens.
404 - 359
Late Classical
No longer a political force in an active sense, Athens still was the home of Socrates (killed 399) and Plato.
431 - 404
The Peloponnesian War
For reasons small and petty, Athens and Sparta tangled, the one a naval power the other a land one. Over time they exhausted each other; Sparta won and the chance for more to be created died.


478 - 431
The Greek Miracle
It all happened here.


500 - 478
Persian Wars
Twice an outnumbered Greek nation fights off the Persian hosts and secures liberty for the greatness that follows.

Chronology 500 -- 492: Ionian Revolt

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