Are we really so smart? Consider how the location of this theater was chosen so in the latter part of the day a cooling breeze naturally comes down from the back of the theater and flows over the audience.

Or, consider the absolutely amazing acoustics. It is true, I've done it, that you can stand down at the center, speak normally, no projection of your voice and be heard clearly at the top row.

Side entrance to theater.

The theater is still used today - there is an annual festival. Actors such as Kevin Spacy and Hellen Mirrem have performed here.

There is a small museum here and also the ruins of an Asclepeion or healing center.

Some of my students try out the acoustics.

A paper "Acoustic diffraction effects at the Hellenistic amphitheater of Epidaurus", by Nico Declercq and Cindy Dekeyser did an analysis of the theater and showed that the seating acts as an high-pass acoustic filter tending to damp frequencies below 500hz. They argue that this would increase the clarity of speech for the audience.

Students at the center.

As always, thanks to my students who enable me to travel to these sites.

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