left center right

This shows the eastern side of the site. North is on the left. The fountain of Peirene is just above the wooden walkway at the junction of the center and right images.

Actually, this is the smaller part of the site; most of it (including the Roman agora) runs east and west and is out of sight off the right end of this set.

left center right

This shows the east-west axis of the site and the main Roman agora. The camera is looking south. The bema is not visible from this location, but is off the left end of the left photo.

left This is a view of the less-visited part of the site to the north and west of the main ruins. It is in the vicinity of the Erastus Pavement (see below).

"Erastus in return for his aedileship laid the pavement at his own expense."

This was found in 1929, dated to the mid-first century.

There is an Erastus mentioned in the New Testament, but not really in connection with Corinth.

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