The geographic and spiritual center of Athens is Syntagma ("Constitution") Square. It is surrounded by the parliament, elite hotels and the Plaka. It's a transit hub and park as well. It's also where people with a political message make their case.

In front of the Parliament building, on the east side of the square is the tomb of the unknown soldier and the colorful Evzone guards, which merited their own page.

View of the south and southwest sides of the square.
It's the political center of things as well. Here New Democracy lobbies the people in the runup to the 2009 elections.
It's a nice shaded park, but not a particularly big one.
To the west are stores, and the building with the furry balconies - but after the crash the vegetation, which had been there for decades went away.
Under the square is a major Metro station where two lines converge. On the right you can see the display of some of the finds from the expansion of the subway in the early 2000s.
Three elite hotels line the north side of the square.
The number one hotel in Greece - where presidents and kings stay. Clearly, I do have clothes for being allowed into this hotel.

East and north of the Acropolis is an even taller hill: Lycabettus. With a summit of 900 ft above sea level, it is the highest point in Athens.

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