Athens Now
Athens Then

Matt Barrett's Athens Survival Guide (Up 21/2/14; posted 5/7//01)

Xórefa's page on the Plaka - good photos. (Up 2/22/07; posted 8/21/04; requested link)

Culture 2000 - photos and walking tours. History of the city. (Up 21/2/14;; posted 2/6/07)

Harry Grant's Athens Guide By a Greek-American who has lived 15 years in Athens. (Up2/22/07; posted 1/24/04; reciprocal link)

Marinet travel guide. Greek company. (Up 2/21/07)

Athens Info Guide Tourist and culture, sports, children, etc. (Up 2/23/07)

Wikipedia Good page. (Up 2/22/07)

Athens Today Scene, nightlife, etc. Not extensive info. (Up 11/27/04)

Frissiras Museum - in the SE corner of the Plaka, focuses on contemporary European painting. (Up 2/22/07; posted 8/21/04)

Athenian Agora Excavations by the American School of Classical Studies. (Up 2/21/14; posted 7/4//02)

Acropolis MuseumThe new one. From the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. (Up 21/2/14; posted 7/4//02)

National Archaeological MuseumWhere the major finds are kept - finds from all over Greece. A must see for the Athens visitor. From the Hellenic Ministry of Culture. (Up 21/2/14; posted 2/21/07)
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