The classic kiosk: sells everything, free standing, tiny window for the vendor to see out of. A photo from the 80's.
A kiosk at night, on the slope of Lycabettus.
Ideal pit stop for when you just need one thing.
By the Acropoli metro stop.
Greece: it is still a culture that loves its rhetoric.
They really do seem to have everything.
This one is in Syntagma square.
And this one is jammed in a side street.
Another kiosk at night. They contribute to the wonderful street life that Athens has in the evening.
A vendor in a kiosk has opened the back door for some air on a warm summer evening. South end of Plaka district.

Kiosks are a 100 year tradition in Greece. In the past they were given to disabled veterans as a way for them to earn a living.

Today they add to the nightlife and help make a public, shared space of the streets.

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