Ornate; on a neoclassical building.
Detail of the previous.
Classic simplicity.
Even humble flats have one.
Hotels almost always have one.
Dinner for two; sigh...
Restaurants also can have them.
The awning, also worthy of praise.
Cactus in Athens?
Would you want to live over a gas station?
Seen better days.
Someone fears being robbed? Never saw this before.
Stairs and a balcony on a humble set of flats.
The cover photo.

Work day over; the evening, the true time of Athens, about to start. The sun no longer burning, but the air is warm and mellow. Sitting and listening and watching, mentally flowing into the rhythm of the city. Someone once said that the highest emotion a human can aspire to is serenity. It can be achieved on a balcony in Athens in the early evening.

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